Money Makeover: February 2015

We’re still behind the original curve and will likely remain that way. We’ve incurred new monthly costs, both medical and educational. (Eddy has started pre-school.) Kate’s going to be starting work again in March at the swim school, to bring in some extra cash, and I’m thinking of trying to line up some freelance in order to bring in some more cash, too.

Starting in the hole: $74,000. (Includes the fancy new minivan.)

Step 2: Debt Snowball

  • Amazon — done, August 2014
  • Macy’s — done, August 2014
  • Chase — done, August 2014
  • Citi — done, January 2015
  • our USAA card — next goal, end date TBD
  • my student loans
  • the minivan loan

Emotional State

4/10. The slowdown is kinda busting my balls. I understand why it’s happening, but it’s still frustrating.