Money Makeover: January 2015

Still at it. Still behind the original curve. But we’re still slogging along with the Total Money Makeover.

Starting in the hole: $74,000. (Includes the fancy new minivan.)

Step 2: Debt Snowball

Paid off another card this month — Citi is no more. Hooray! We still have a few things to nail down:

  • Amazon — done, August 2014
  • Macy’s — done, August 2014
  • Chase — done, August 2014
  • Citi — done, January 2015
  • our USAA card — next goal, end date TBD
  • my student loans
  • the minivan loan

Emotional State

7/10. After a few months of waffling around with some goofy expenses, we’re getting back on track. We paid off the Citi card on the 15th, but we also got a little spend-happy this pay period. Need to get that reined-in pretty quickly here. I’m going to start doing some brainstorming on the earning side of the house and figure out some ways to generate some more income for us. Would be dang nice to get completely out of the hole sooner.