Monthly Meme Re-Hash: January 2017

I tried to do this in 2015, but failed at it miserably. I got August and September done and after that, things were chaotic enough where it fell off my radar. So now I’m going back to the well and seeing what I can dredge up. The first, from my Livejournal in 2007, is one about favorites. Let’s compare.

1. Favorite Beatles song:
2007: “All You Need is Love”
2017: “All You Need is Love”

2. Favorite Rolling Stones song:
2007: “Blinded by Rainbows”
2017: “Gimme Shelter”

3. Favorite Doors song:
2007: n/a
2017: n/a

4. Favorite Bob Dylan song:
2007: With God On Our Side
2017: All Along the Watchtower

5. Favorite Led Zeppelin song:
2007: n/a
2017: When the Levee Breaks

6. Favorite TV theme song:
2007: season one intro to the new Battlestar Galactica series
2017: what the fuck is television?

7. Favorite Prince song:
2007: Purple Rain
2017: Purple Rain

8. Favorite Madonna song:
2007: n/a
2017: n/a

9. Favorite Michael Jackson song:
2007: can’t think of anything, but it would probably be a Jackson 5 tune
2017: Man in the Mirror

10. Favorite Queen song:
2007: this is a tough one — Under Pressure, Somebody to Love, and Too Much Love Will Kill You are all good
2017: Under Pressure

11. Favorite Motorhead song:
2007: Ace of Spades
2017: Ace of Spades

12. Favorite song from a cartoon:
2007: “Canyonero theme” from The Simpsons

13. Favorite Bruce Springsteen song:
2007: Thunder Road
2017: Thunder Road

14. Favorite Depeche Mode song:
2007: Personal Jesus
2017: Personal Jesus

15. Favorite Cure song:
2007: Just Like Heaven
2017: Just Like Heaven

16. Favorite song that most of your friends haven’t heard:
2007: “If Blues Was Money” – Alvin Youngblood Heart
2017: Dunno.

17. Favorite Smiths song:
2007: How Soon is Now?
2017: How Soon is Now?

18. Favorite Beastie Boys song:
2007: Hey Ladies
2017: Sabotage

19. Favorite Clash song:
2007: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
2017: London Calling

20. Favorite Police song:
2007: Message in a Bottle
2017: Message in a Bottle

21. Favorite Eurythmics song:
2007: Sweet Dreams
2017: Sweet Dreams

22. Favorite Beach Boys song:
2007: n/a
2017: n/a

23. Favorite Cyndi Lauper song:
2007: Time After Time
2017: Time AFter Time

24. Favorite song from a movie:
2007: “Noot” – Sum 41 (from Fantastic Four soundtrack)
(In retrospect, I don’t/can’t even remember ever hearing that song from 2007.)
2017: ????

25. Favorite Duran Duran song:
2007: Come Undone
2017: Come Undone

26. Favorite Johnny Cash song:
2007: his cover of “One” by U2
2017: Hurt (cover of Nine Inch Nails)

27. Favorite song from an Eighties one hit wonder:
2007: Centerfold!

28. Favorite song from a video game:
2007: the music from Legend of Zelda; The Wind-Waker

29. Favorite Kinks song:
2007: You Really Got Me
2017: You Really Got Me

30. Favorite Genesis song:
2007: In the Air Tonight
2017: In the Air Tonight

31. Favorite Thin Lizzy song:
2007: n/a
2017: n/a

32. Favorite INXS song:
2007: What You Need
2017: Devil Inside

33. Favorite Weird Al song:
2007: Dare to be Stupid
2017: Dare to be Stupid

34. Favorite Peter Gabriel song:
2007: In Your Eyes
2017: The Book of Love

35. Favorite John Lennon song:
2007: “Imagine” (Duh.)
2017: “Imagine”

36. Favorite Pink Floyd song:

37. Favorite cover song:
2007: Warrant’s “Heaven”, as covered by New Found Glory
2017: Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”, as covered by Jimi Hendrix

38. Favorite song to dance to:
2007: *snerk* dance?
2017: *snerk* dance? OW MY BACK. OH GOD THIS WAS A STUPID IDEA.

39. Favorite U2 song:
2007: good god…where do I start? “With or Without You”…
2017: “Stuck in a Moment (You Can’t Get Out Of)”

40. Favorite song from an actor turned musician:
2007: ???
2017: toss-up “Dock of the Bay” by Bruce Willis, or “Party All the Time” by Eddie Murphy

41. Favorite disco song:
2007: “Got to Give It Up” – Marvin Gaye
2017: “September” – Earth, Wind and Fire

42. Favorite power ballad:
2007: “Silent Lucidity” – Queensryche
2017: “The Flame” – Cheap Trick

43. Favorite Guns N’ Roses song:
2007: “Sweet Child O’ Mine”
2017: [insert the entire guitar solo from “Sweet Child” right here and then go fuck yourself if you disagree]

44. Favorite The Who song:
2007: Baba O’Reilly
2017: Baba O’Reilly

45. Favorite Elton John song:
2007: Rocket Man
2017: Tiny Dancer (because I’ve seen “Almost Famous” a whole bunch)

46. Favorite song, period:
2007: “August and Everything After” – Counting Crows (the song, not the album)
2017: “Blame it On Me” – George Ezra

47. Favorite Sting song:
2007: Fields of Gold
2017: Nothing here…I’ve grown to loathe Sting.

48. Favorite Billy Joel song:
2007: We Didn’t Start the Fire
2017: We Didn’t Start the Fire

49. Favorite Burt Bacharach song:
2007: n/a
2017: n/a

50. First popular song you have a memory of hearing on the radio:
2007: “Electric Avenue” – Eddy Grant
2017: “Electric Avenue” – Eddy Grant

51. Favorite Eagles song:
2007: Desperado
2017: “I hate the fucking Eagles, man,” but if you press me, it’s probably “Take it the Limit”…

52. Favorite Abba song:
2007: n/a
2017: Whichever one makes Eddy smile and dance in his car seat.