More Framebuilding Stuff

So, after roughly a year of bantering back and forth on Twitter, I finally met Josh Kruck of Three Stars Cycles on Monday night, and had a few beers and some great conversation about the craft of framebuilding. He purchased the Paragon breezer-style dropouts from me that I’d purchased for Paul’s road frame (too beefy for my needs). During our discussion, we decided to do a “frame swap” — he’s building one for me (singlespeed cyclocross), and I’m building one for him (26er MTB). I’m also likely joining him on the sponsorship of a race series, but more info on that as it develops.

Things are gathering steam! I need to get in-touch with Vince Dominguez soon and pick his brain, something I’ve been trying to arrange for the last couple of weeks. The end goal there being something I don’t want to discuss openly on the Interwebs just yet.

It’s coming along, Interwebs! I’m really excited with how things are developing.

I’m even looking into setting up a basic mitering station in the basement so I can bang out a bunch of the tubing prep before heading to the workshop in Princeton (a ~1 hour drive) on weekends. Need to look at my budget a bit.

Tonight, I’ll be doing some work on the commuter at home — soaking flux off the frame, doing some finish work on the seatstay caps, and a bit of clean-up work on the fork.