Musings: CX Frame, Part 7

I don’t really have too much of an update for you on the framebuilding front right now. Over the last two weeks, the project has plodded forward slowly.

The weekend of April 25th-26th, I managed to cram Ignite Minneapolis, Minneapolis WordCamp, and the Minnesota Ironman Ride all into one frenzy of activity that precluded any sort of workshop time. And this weekend, sandwiched around seeing the new Avengers movie, working on my email marketing book, playing with the kids, and a bunch of housework, I managed to get only about three hours in the workshop, during which I slotted the chainstays and made some tweaks to the dropout tabs so that everything fits together nicely.

So you know, not a lot. If I had been doing this with a fixture and a slotting saw on a mill, it would have taken approximately an hour, and then I could have brazed the dropouts in and probably have gotten them tacked and tinned onto the bottom bracket.


I’ve been greatly enjoying the process of building things in a semi-minimalist way. I’ve been hand-filing my miters, and only using a fixture to get everything tacked and tinned (fillets are being built outside the fixture).


Slllllooooooooooooowwww. Didn’t take any photos.

Next Week

Cold set front triangle. Remember to bring dummy rear wheel. Get dropouts brazed in, chainstays mitered and brazed on. Maybe start prepping the seatstays, if time allows.