My 2011: Video Games

Yeah, I’m 39 years old. Probably means I’m getting too old for video games, right? WRONG. They keep the brain and the reflexes sharp. I’ll keep playing them. Granted, it’ll never be like my teenage years again, but still.

Playstation 3

Medal of HonorThis one gets filed under “meh” — seriously. While the increased realism in combat is nice, and the environments are beautifully rendered, I just couldn’t get into this game. I never finished the single-player mode, and seldom played the multiplayer. No strong hook.
Battlefield 3A much better first-person shooter than MoH. The single-player mode was seriously bleh — easy, with a pretty contrived storyline, and a short arc that made it mostly a waste of time. The multiplayer, however, has been awesome, and I’m a big fan.
Portal 2Hands down, the best game on any platform this year. If you love puzzle games, this should find its way into your game library if it hasn’t already. Seriously, this is top-notch gaming and should be a front-runner for game of the year.


Fieldrunners (iPad)I played the hell out of this game this year. It’s not super-strong on graphics, storyline, or anything like that. And it’s in dire need of some updates (new boards, units, etc.), but still tons of fun for a “tower defense” game.
Cut the Rope HDA fun puzzle game, but not spending a ton of time on it. If you’re a puzzle game type, I recommend it.
BattleheartIt’s like Final Fantasy VII, but without the plot, the graphics, or depth. Skip it.
Galcon FusionWas fun for about two days. Yawn.
Scrabble for iPadNot playing much of this, as most of my friends play Words with Friends.
Tiny WingsCharming graphics, music, concept, and environment. Very much a reflexes-and-physics game, but still a lot of fun.
Words with FriendsTwo words: crack. cocaine. Addictive, fun.
X-MenThe 90’s arcade game, ported to the iPad. Fun, but only for so long.
CarcassonneAn adaptation of the board game, and a ton of fun. Needs a social network interface so you can play against your friends remotely.

2 thoughts on “My 2011: Video Games”

  1. Portal was the most fun I had with a controller in my hand all year. (yep console I know) I wish there were more games like it. I also wish I could get my teenager to finish the co-op with me.

    Medal of Honor was the single biggest disappointment since I played NARC on Nintendo. Ironically it also had a very good finish in my opinion.

    I just can’t seem to get into Battlefield 3. I haven’t even come close to finishing the campaign. I’ve become frustrated with trying to find anything remotely resembling co-operative play.

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