My Brother’s Bike

So last year, Kate and I decided that I would be building my brother a frame, and I’ve been plugging away at it. It’s a lugged Platinum OX road frame, and when it’s done, it’s going to be the best I’ve done (so far). I think it’s the one where I’ve learned the most, too — partly because I’ve been doing this one on my own, and partly because holy shit, there have been so many damn issues that need resolved.

For starters there were the gouges in the top tube that were from over-clamping it. They were shallow, but you’d have seen them through the paint, so I resolved that by slapping a layer of 56% cad-free silver atop them, and then filing it down/smooth with the surface of the tube. Looks awesome now.

Filing down silver filler.
Filing down the silver filler.

I was getting this sucker to the point of “almost finished” yesterday and, as I was slotting the seat tube, the grinder wheel jumped and took a huge gouge out of the seat lug. Guess what I get to do this week? If you guessed “fill a gouge in a lug with bronze and clean it up so that it looks like new,” you win! Honestly, at the time it happened, I was a little bit pissed. Then I realized that this was a hell of an opportunity — it’s a skill I haven’t had to develop yet.

Beyond that, there’s still a little flux to soak off tonight and some shit to get off the lug shorelines, and I’ve got to put some finishing touches on some fillets, but she’s basically done. Got to order decals and headbadge, and start ordering parts soon.

Tacking the cable guides on.
Tacking on the cable guide. Tough because the aluminum bolt acts as a heatsink.

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  1. That’s something I need to learn from you, Dan. The ability to take a setback and look at it in a positive light – taking an opportunity to learn something new from an accidental gouge in the metal.

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