My Holy Shit List

So being the weird hybrid geek/marketer type, I’ve been reading Rands in Repose lately, and found it a fascinating source for information on tech, management, etc. He has a post called Your Holy Shit List, which is something I wanted to write about here today. His HSL is about technology/IT, and while that would be an appropriate topic for this blog, today I’m due to write a bike post, per that schedule I never follow, and I’m sticking with it.

Here’s some bike stuff that’s made my Holy Shit List.

  • STI shifters (1991)
  • the welds on a Seven Axiom Ti (1999-2000)
  • the Giro Atmos helmet (year unknown)
  • the HED H3 wheel
  • the “new” Trek Madone (2008)
  • Zero Gravity road brakes (2007)

What’s on your list?

1 thought on “My Holy Shit List

  1. Okay, so Dan, you being my other bike guru, my dad being first, but my dad is a Bianchi purist, so I can’t ask him because he doesn’t get it he just thinks I’m scared and need to get over my fear.
    When I was 7, I had this massive ear infection that took three years of antibiotics and suction 3Xwk to get rid of, then a tumor removal and I’m missing bones and nerves in my left ear.
    You can imagine what all this did to my 10 year old body’s balance, topped in with growth spurts and all.
    I had an old fifties bike, giant steel tube frame and white wall tires. I rode that just fine, but out grew it and needed a larger bike, so, there I am, 11th birthday and am given a Univega 10 speed. Went from one of those upright sitting cruisers with fat tires to leaning forward on razorblades.
    Needless to say, the 10 speed spent more time in the garage than it spent with me on it.

    So, Hubs wants me to get a bike so we can ride the paved paths and streets of Philly together.
    He’s got my brother’s old Marin with the fork shox.

    I need something that I can keep up with him on, but also that I can balance and feel stable on.

    I was looking at the Electra Amsterdam models, the forward pedals and low center f gravity seem like a good idea, but then the reviews talk about fenders flying off.

    Advice, oh bike guru?

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