My Life is Awesome

Seriously, my life is pretty dang good right now.

I have a wonderful fianceé that I’m wildly in love with, and in 24 days, we’re tying the knot. I’m very excited about this. I’m excited about the new family I’m going to be a part of, excited that Kate will be part of my family, and excited about the prospect of building our own family. I’m thrilled at the people who are coming to the wedding/reception and can’t wait to see them, and in some cases, meet them for the first time.

Bike stuff is awesome, too! My 29’er frame has been test-ridden to see how she handles, all is well, and after a little more cosmetic work, she’ll be off to paint later this week. So stoked! I’ll be starting to hammer away at the commuter frame next! It’s mostly-done, anyway, just needs stays and small details before she goes to paint. In the queue after that are my track frame and a prototype 26er MTB bike for my buddy, Atilla.

I need to get out with the Birchwoodies for the coffee ride on Sunday morning as I need my out-of-shape ass on the road as much as possible between now and the 2nd of September. Only two problems with that, though: 1.) it’s the morning after of my bachelor party, and 2.) Josh will be sleeping in my guest bedroom. So that may not happen this weekend.

Also, I should probably schelp my running shoes along on my honeymoon, just so I can take advantage of my early-riser habits and prep for the upcoming cyclocross season.

On the geek side of the house, I had my killer idea for an iPhone/iPad app, and I’ve started laying down some basic code. Nothing super-fancy, mind you, but it’s a beginning. I’m planning on a 99¢ price to begin with, with a $2.99 eventual price for it once it’s out of promo period. The plan is to use the money to bootstrap myself into the framebuilding infrastructure. I do have a second idea in-place, too, which I can build immediately thereafter.

Our money strategy has been working so far, even with having to save up huge chunks of cash for the wedding, and that gives me a ton of confidence for how things are going to play out in the next year. I mean, my god, just this Tuesday, I got a call from my lender (for my auto loan) — they thanked me for my regular payments and were inquiring as to whether it would help if they were to reduce the payments. I’m well aware that me extending the life of my loan just results in giving them more interest (which is part of why I am not doing it), but it’s just nice to have positive stuff coming from lenders, y’know?

Even the office job, while it presents some problems now and then, is okay.

My biggest problem these days seems to be figuring out what my “beach reading” is going to be for the honeymoon. And really, if that’s the biggest thing I have to complain about, my life fucking rocks.

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  1. I think by honeymoon (in paragraph 3), you mean bachelor party, I don’t really plan on crashing in your guest bedroom after your honeymoon (at least not that I’m aware of)… 😉

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