Nattering About and More on Self-Quantification

So I’ve been somewhat slow about getting updates the last week or so. Anything substantive, anyway. I started work on my 2015 Reading Analysis, but got bogged down in making all those graphs dynamic, using ChartJS, and then I started wandering into WordPress plugin territory, which is kind of a time suck. Add to that a social life, playing too much Civ5, and so on, and I’ve not been getting as much done as I’d like.

The “quantified life” thing has been somewhat interesting, too. I was admonished by a good friend for treating reading like a goal instead of something I do for enjoyment. And she was right — I was focusing too much on the numbers and not enough on the fun factor. Some of the books I read toward the end of last year I was slogging through, instead of enjoying, and that was kind of a downer.

I’ve been hashing out the framework for a web tool to track all my life crap, as I’ve mentioned previously. It’s slow going as I reacquaint myself with the idea of being a web dev, and learning a whole new way of thinking (Python/Django/MongoDB), but I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

The goal here isn’t to just keep track of shit, and the goal isn’t (necessarily) to game-ify my life. The goal is to identify the behaviors and environmental factors that most improve the positive parts of my life (mood, focus, etc.), and most increase the negative aspects (stress, depression, etc.), and then using a bit of math, identify the R coefficient, and then determine the key drivers. If, for example, I’m looking for the things that improve my mood, and there’s a weak correlation between my that and my daily meditation, it’s possible that I could elimate my daily meditation from my routine. (Though it may be good for stress levels.)

Keeping in mind, of course, that correlation does not equal causation, right? Right.

What else?

• Some concern about Calvin — he’s starting to slow down, he’s lost some teeth, and his coat is getting kind of sparse in places. He’s not super old, only about eight and a half, but he also had a really rough start, and his first six months he was very sickly and at times wasn’t expected to survive. I adopted him at age 6 months and he was about the size of a 12- to 14-week old kitten.

• Work is going pretty well. I like my new gig. My boss keeps me challenged. We make cool products. And I’m coming around on how I feel about project management now that I’ve changed my thinking on the matter. That’s the subject for a whole ‘nother post entirely, however.

• Recently volunteered my time to the Sanders campaign, but have heard nothing in response. Pretty sure they’re busy with Super Tuesday coming up on the first of the month. Probably going to throw some cash that way, too.