Needed: Kick Ass Calendar App

So I’ve discovered that Kate and I are pretty good about keeping each other atop of what we’re doing. Sometimes, however, one of us will forget, and our schedules get pretty jumbled. I am big on the smartphone, she doesn’t see the need for one, since I already have one. (Don’t ask me, I don’t understand, either.) We’ve talked about the Google Calendar solution, which is interesting, but clunky.

What I’ve decided we need is this: a web app where two (or more) people can share a single calendar. That calendar can be updated via multiple channels — smart phone, desktop apps, iPad, whatever. Ideally, I should be able to look at the calendar and see what Kate’s already got scheduled, what I have scheduled, and so on. (Additionally, we should be able to block out time privately without details.) It should allow for reminders (more than just two, and more than just two days in advance) that can be sent to any combination of people on the user list.

It should merge data automatically from my Gmail calendar, Facebook events (and harvest things like friends’ birthdays).

Anyone know of an app like this?

Image Credits: Bastian Wiedenhaupt/Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

7 thoughts on “Needed: Kick Ass Calendar App

  1. Aleisha and I use google calendar for what you want. We have three or four shared ones: mine, hers, food and sam. the phones just use the google calendars (via exchange) so there’s not an extra one to sync. The notion of private time without details hasn’t been something we’re really worried about, but thats probably as simple as not putting details in the event. There are lots of ways to subscribe to facebook events, we just exported them to another google calendar for each of us. We set the phones, and the web display to google cal to show everything in one view with color coding. Magic, and we’re always organized (electronically anyway).

  2. Google Calendar can do almost all of this. It may not be that flexible with most desktop apps (there’s an outlook plugin but I’m not sure beyond that) and the reminders may not be as flexible as you’ve indicated here, but it works great with iOS devices when using exchange sync.

    My wife and I each have our own calendars attached to our own google accounts that we share with each other, and then you can layer those in. We also have a shared calendar for bills.

    It maybe can’t do some of what you ask for, but it works pretty well for us.

  3. We’re trying to do the same thing… I started a Google Calendar (mum/pops) that friends/family can access but it’s not “quite” there, yet.

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