New Car

Yesterday was crazy busy. A run to a pumpkin path/apple orchard in Delano for maternity photos. Then we bought a metric ton of apple-based products (cider, salsa, butter, bread, and yes, apples) before heading back to the city.

I did a basic clean-out of the car, and then we went and looked at Hondas. We drove the CR-V and really disliked it. Really. It felt a lot more top-heavy than other SUVs we’ve driven (both currently and in the past), the interior had parts that felt pretty cheap, and all in all, we just weren’t as impressed as we were with the Kia.

So we went back, drove the Kia one more time to be sure, and we put down a deposit. Picking it up on Wednesday night.

I shall call this one the Baby Conveyor™.

4 thoughts on “New Car”

  1. It’s the next step down the path to the Dark Side… The Kia Baby Conveyor, then next will be a Windstar Multi-Baby Conveyor… the Minivan Curse shall be fulfilled!

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