No More Cats

So we’re cat-sitting, which I believe I’ve mentioned here before. So far, it’s going pretty good, except for the high-volume talking at all hours of the night. Max is a good cat, though, and fun to be around.

Last night, Kate and I were playing with him, and she started in with a mantra about, “We’re not getting another cat.”

I asked her about it, and she said that it still feels like there’s a hole in our family since Mooch’s departure. And she’s right. We’re coming up on the one year mark of having her put down, and if I really think about her absence, I get very choked-up.

So we talked about it a bit, and I’m of the mindset that we should adopt a senior cat and she’s of the mindset of getting a kitten.

We’re still not getting another cat. The goal is to get down to three and stay at that number.

1 thought on “No More Cats

  1. Kittens are adorable but adopting an adult cat usually makes your heart feel better. My family adopted a 13 year old Yorkie with no teeth & gave him the best 4 years of his life. It was sad to let go so soon but I feel great knowing that he didn’t have to go through his senior years locked in a bathroom.

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