Notes from a Commuter Bike

A few things I noticed over the weekend:

1. Shimano really needs to make the Alfine parts group available for purchase in this country. I don’t want to have to buy an entire Civia just so I can tear the crankset off of it.

2. Bontrager Racelite Hardcase puncture-resistant tires? Aren’t.

On the same subject, I spent a good chunk of yesterday editing some video of the build — I chopped out all the sections where I was doing things like talking to people out-of-frame and so on. Then I sped it up drastically. I managed to cram an hour and 35 minutes of video into three minutes and 43 seconds. Not too shabby. I’m creating some intro, an explanation of what you’re seeing, and an outro. Maybe tonight it’ll be done? We’ll see.