Now is the Time When I Talk About Bike Stuff

Great title, huh? Well, gotta admit that I have no idea where this post is going yet. Maybe in a few sentences, it’ll kick in.

Went to the bike shop earlier this week, just to check in and see how the off-season has been treating them. Looks like I’ll be back to ordering new parts work there at the end of March, which is good. I’ve missed the place.

The first few years, I would be grateful for the off-season — primarily because the mix of people we had working there was pretty caustic and tension/stress were insane. Then last year, we got a new manager and shit’s done a 180 since. He came in with the mindset of a disciplinarian, and I had an initial “oh shit” response. However, he’s really whipped the place into shape, and of all the people that were there before him, only one salesperson and I are left. And the place is much better for it. The environment is awesome and we work fairly well together.

So yeah. That’s where I’m at. I’ll be keeping the spending down as much as possible this year — yes, I’ll be finishing the 29’er and adding the track bike, and there’s some accessories I need (like a helmet to replace my Giro, which is going on 5 years old). But beyond that, I won’t be adding anything more to the fleet or filling up my already-limited storage space.

What are your bike plans for the year?

2 thoughts on “Now is the Time When I Talk About Bike Stuff

  1. My bike plans for the year? First, just to get out riding again – it’s a huge relief of stress for me. Second, I’m going to Chicago for vacation this coming Memorial Day; if possible I intend to ride there and back.

    The fact that my bike has a 700cc engine will of course make it a much easier ride for me.

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