Okay, the Explanation…

I’ve got a cat, Scout, who most of you haven’t met because he’s pretty shy. With the move into the new place he’s really started to come out of his shell and get all friendly. That includes me and Kate. He’s taken to sleeping by our heads. He knows Kate will shove him off the bed due to her mild cat allergies, so he’s taken to sleeping on the corner of the bed by my pillow.

A few things of note:

  • Scout doesn’t deal with change particularly well.
  • Scout is also extremely jumpy.
  • Scout has all his claws and they’re razor-sharp.

You can kinda see where this is going. It’s also important to note that we have a thick mattress with a pad atop it. And I move around in my sleep a lot.

So when the corner of the fitted sheet popped loose underneath Scout while he was rumbling away next to my head, he FREAKED and jumped, landing on my neck with all his claws out.

This is why I have a huge, nasty scratch across the back of my neck.