Old Friends

So this is one of those posts where I’m trying to get in touch with a couple of old friends because I want to say “hi” and see how things are going for them. It’s worked for me before — it’s how I found my college friend, Jana, and we’re still in-touch, which is cool.

The three people I’m currently trying to find:

Andy Gilliand (Frederick Andrew Gilliand) — we served together at Ft. Bragg in 1993-1994. We were supposed to stay in-touch, and I lost the last letter I had from him (college had me moving frequently), which left me without a mailing address. This was before the advent of email, so I was pretty hosed. Only references I can find for him seem to indicate that he went to OCS, and the last rank I had for him was Captain. I think he went to the University of Kansas — memory’s a little vague there. He used to kick the shit out of me at Axis & Allies on a regular basis. Found via military friend doing an email address lookup.

Joe Duffy (Joseph Edward Duffy) — my best friend from 4th grade through 7th grade (we moved to Georgia after that). He moved off to Tucson, Arizona, and we lost touch. I’m really curious to see where his life went after we lost touch. Found via Facebook.

Taniamarie Nylund — we were classmates (Haynes Bridge Middle School and Milton High School) and co-workers (Dairy Queen). Spent a lot of time on the phone together during my last summer in Georgia (Roswell/Alpharetta), and didn’t end things on particularly good terms. Googling reveals next to nothing, other than she’s in New York and I think briefly worked for Queens College.

If any of you manage to Google your way to this blog entry, drop me an email at dbailey@danbailey.net.