Ongoing: CX Frame Build, Part 6

So Saturday, I had limited time to build, as usual. Unfortunately for this writer, not a lot of excitement went down during this session.

The Business

I got started with some minor cold-setting work. I knew that the frame had pulled a bit when it came out of the fixture the previous week, so this wasn’t an ugly surprise or anything. A few good shoves on the down tube while standing on the head tube, and she was back in alignment. After that, I was able to get the top tube mocked-up, the vent holes drilled in the head tube and seat tube, and then brazed the tube in. The rest of the afternoon was spent building up the fillets, and when I called it quits for the day, I had a complete front triangle.


Got my first good cut and burn on this project, finally. Slashed my thumb open on a spur of metal after drilling through the head tube. Bled all over the tools, frame, and myself. And then I burned the hell out of the tip of my nose on a hot brazing rod. You laugh, but it does happen. This isn’t the first time. Every builder I’ve confessed these things to has admitted to burning their face at least once.

Future Photos

Alex tested out his new DSLR while I was brazing, and took a bunch of artsy-fartsy shots. When he shares them with me, I’ll add them here.

Next Steps

I don’t know when my next session is going to be — I’ve got WordCamp on Saturday and the MN Ironman on Sunday.

During the week, I am also hindered by my need to tune up my road bike and clean it up before Sunday. What I will probably do soak all the flux off the front triangle tonight while I clean the rest of the house, and then find a night this week to start doing the finish work on the fillets, which I can do easily enough without access to a full workshop.

Next building session is going to be doing a final cold-set on the front triangle, and then getting the chainstays and rear dropouts done/attached.

I’m getting a bit nervous about the timeline because I need to have the bike done by the week before the Almanzo (need time to build it up), and that’s May 17th. I don’t care if I have to ride it without paint (I probably will), but man. It’s going to be a close thing.

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