Last night, I wasn’t as good about my to-do list as I was on Tuesday night. Mainly because my groove was interrupted and we went out with a friend of Kate’s that she hadn’t seen in 5 years. We got good and hammered, and I’m paying for it this morning. The nausea is subsiding and I’ve got some low-cal Gatorade in my tummy, with a few Advil bobbing around in it. Hopefully, all will be right with the world soon.

At least I managed to get my road bike cleaned and tuned-up nicely — or as nicely as is possible. (The frame has never been straight, not even when I first got it.) The cross-rub happens in the top and bottom four gears on the cassette, and the rear shifting is never going to be super-smooth. The plan is to build a new frame for it, scavenge the parts, and turn the Salsa into a beater for the stationary trainer and early season shit riding.

In addition to that, I did a serious clean-out of the car. I have the same bad habit about that as my dad — I don’t get quite to the extremes he’d gone to in the past, however. But I really need to get better about not letting crap pile up in the car.

Things I am looking forward to when owning a house:

1. A secure garage for my workshop.
2. Being able to wash and wax my car by hand, rather than paying for a half-assed gas station wash.
3. A separate utility room where we can hide the catboxes.

Appropos of nothing, here’s a picture of TempCat™ lounging on Scout’s chair/scratching post:

TempCat, Max, lazing about. As he does.

He goes home next week.