So I spent almost seven hours yesterday just hammering away at the commuter frame with the needle files, cleaning up the lugs and all the other points where silver touched the frame and fork. And I’m 98% done — just some clean-up on the places where the dropouts touch the chainstays. And my thumbs are like hamburger from the files. Awesome! Downside is that I didn’t get past item one on yesterday’s to-do list. C’est la vie, I guess. I’m feeling pretty awesome about how the commuter is starting to look — and I finally decided on a paint scheme. She’s getting a coat of matte black powdercoat, with gloss black decals outlined in silver. Should make for a pretty sharp-looking ride.

Tonight, the Vikings will be playing their first outdoor home game in 29 years. In a snowstorm (if the timing is right). With our third-string quarterback, Joe Webb, getting his first NFL start. On a frozen field. Against the Bears. And the Vikes are 9 point underdogs per the Vegas line. And I won’t be watching it. Instead, I’ll be at the Three Stars Cycles factory, working on my brother’s road frame and picking Josh’s brain pretty heavily.

That’s all after I get poked-n-prodded by the life insurance vampires, of course. That happens after my stint at the office. And speaking of which, I should probably get up off my ass and get there. After I schedule this for publication, of course.

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