My HTML5 Learnings

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  2. My HTML5 Learnings

It always makes the most sense to start with the foundation when you’re building — or rebuilding — something. Thus, it makes the most sense that as I start my quest to rebuild my web development skills, I start with a focus on HTML5. Rather than dick around with a book, I decided to start by looking up stuff online.

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Gone Quiet

It’s been awhile since I had a nonsensical post here. A large amount of my free time is now spent wrangling stuff for my freelance biz. I’m also battling some pretty bad lower back issues that involve lots of heat/cold packs, ibuprofen, KT Tape, and weekly chiropractic visits. As you can imagine, I’m pretty exhausted and grumpy most of the time. Add in the death of a friend, and some other crap, and I don’t feel much like doing things. But I do them anyway.

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Hacks: April 2017

“Well, shit, that month didn’t go so well, did it?” That was the first thing that went through my head when I started this draft and started thinking about what tinkering I’d done in April. Of course, I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that it was April 18th when I started the draft and that I had almost two full weeks left in the month. Here’s what I got after in April:

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Back to Dev Work? Yes.

Posts in this series
  1. Back to Dev Work? Yes.
  2. My HTML5 Learnings

More time coding forces the realization that I’ve missed this. A great deal. And I can’t figure out why that is. Okay, so I can. The problems I have to solve as a project manager are such that they don’t feel like they have any real end point. At the end of the day, I sit back and look at what I’ve accomplished as a PM and come to the conclusion that I can be rendered useless by having a good team around me. Which is, really, the ideal situation. I can also be driven mad by poor resource management from above, too, which is about the worst situation I can imagine. Lately, I’ve longed more for the joy of bashing out code again, and I felt like there’s an opportunity to document the process and the things I’l learn along the way.

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