Back to Dev Work? Yes.

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  1. Back to Dev Work? Yes.
  2. My HTML5 Learnings

More time coding forces the realization that I’ve missed this. A great deal. And I can’t figure out why that is. Okay, so I can. The problems I have to solve as a project manager are such that they don’t feel like they have any real end point. At the end of the day, I sit back and look at what I’ve accomplished as a PM and come to the conclusion that I can be rendered useless by having a good team around me. Which is, really, the ideal situation. I can also be driven mad by poor resource management from above, too, which is about the worst situation I can imagine. Lately, I’ve longed more for the joy of bashing out code again, and I felt like there’s an opportunity to document the process and the things I’l learn along the way.

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Image Credits: Pexels/CC0.

Workload Management: How I’m Doing It

There are many balls in the air, but I don’t feel overwhelmed by my workload. Not even close. It’s weird. Normally, I’d be all over the place, panicking, or so stressed out that I felt the need to bury my head in a book and pretend that “it can wait until later.” Which was never true. Not now, not then. I’m crediting two things, the first being the switch in my ADD meds, and the other being in how I have kept myself from jumping around and leaving projects half-finished. It’s been revelatory.

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Image Credits: Michael Schwarzenberger/Creative Commons Zero (CC0).