Illness Update/Staying Motivated

So, I think I’m getting better. The fever seems to be gone, as does the sore throat. These are both good things, as I am sick to death of laying on the couch, drinking 2-3 liters of Gatorade a day, and eating chicken soup. The glands in my neck are still swollen like hell and tender to the touch. (Note, despite the swollen glands, my tongue has not turned black, so we can rule out bubonic plague. I know this disappoints some of you, but whatever.)

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Writing, Bike, Etc.

On the writing front, I seem to have lost momentum via the day lost to the dead logic board in my Mac Mini. That’s kinda sucky, but I’m going to force myself to sit in front of the ‘ol text editing program for an hour tomorrow — either I’ll write, or I’ll waste an hour. One or the other.

On the bike side of things, Zipp finally got my wheels back to me. Only one minor issue — a dust seal on the cassette hub body was folded over onto itself, exposing the internals — and I was able to correct that in less than five minutes with a pair of 5mm allen wrenches and a dental pick. Tonight, I’m going to scrub the cassette clean before I re-install it, and get everything back on the Salsa. It looks awfully sad, hanging in the living room with no wheels.

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