Woke up this morning with one of the worst colds ever. Not sure if it’s the flu, or what, but wow. High fever, swollen glands, nasty sore throat, and the … Read more

Merry Christmas

It’s the “most wonderful time of the year” again, and wow. I’m just not there. I did hear Run-D.M.C.’s “Christmas in Hollis” on the radio the other day, and that put a smile on my face. And Eric Cartman singing “Swiss Colony Beef Log” still cracks me up to no end.

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Writing, Bike, Etc.

On the writing front, I seem to have lost momentum via the day lost to the dead logic board in my Mac Mini. That’s kinda sucky, but I’m going to force myself to sit in front of the ‘ol text editing program for an hour tomorrow — either I’ll write, or I’ll waste an hour. One or the other.

On the bike side of things, Zipp finally got my wheels back to me. Only one minor issue — a dust seal on the cassette hub body was folded over onto itself, exposing the internals — and I was able to correct that in less than five minutes with a pair of 5mm allen wrenches and a dental pick. Tonight, I’m going to scrub the cassette clean before I re-install it, and get everything back on the Salsa. It looks awfully sad, hanging in the living room with no wheels.

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Writing Update

Started digging in to the novel I’ve had in my brain for awhile, and damn if I’m not having fun. Lately, it’s been tough to write. Everything I start, I … Read more

An Update of Sorts

So some searching around, and I finally found a WordPress template I like enough to modify for use on this site. Some minor graphics tweaks are done, and the next step is to get that little pile of photos in the upper left corner to randomize. My PHP coding is rusty, due to some dalliance with Ruby on Rails, so that’s kinda back-burner for now. I did get Akismet up and running, so I shouldn’t be inundated with comment-spam anymore. Here’s hoping, anyway.

In the realm of the bike, I have finally gotten an arrangement made with Zipp re: the ongoing issues with the rear wheel in my 404 wheelset. I’m dropping that at the UPS store today so it can go and be fixed. I also started ordering the parts for my singlespeed mountain bike, which is going to have to be put on pause, as I (along with several others) lost my job on Monday the 3rd.

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