Grumpy’s/NSC Cyclocross

Picture: the author, getting his ass kicked at the Grumpy’s/NSC Cyclocross. Another race, another DNF. I just wasn’t feelin’ it yesterday. Crashed a couple of times, and the course was … Read more

Quick Update

I still owe an update on Critical Mass. I know. It’s forthcoming. Along with some photos, and probably a small rant about the police state America’s becoming. The GPS flaked … Read more

Off-Season, Gearing Up…

So the off-season looms about 3-4 weeks away. Some of you will point out that, “Bailey! It’s November! In Minnesota! Are you nuts?”

The short answer is: yes.

The long answer is that it’s still cyclocross season, and state championships for that are on November 17th. I’ll be racing every weekend until then.

So the off-season plan? Well, I’m going to keep riding outdoors through the end of December, I suspect. This winter is going to see me in the gym a lot — weights, running, and spinning. I’m probably going to sign up for a Bikram yoga class somewhere away from the gym, and I really should learn to swim in a non-comical manner, as well.

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What’s Up

The primary point of this blog will be to follow my cycling life — racing, the attempt to open my own shop, and the product I want to bring to … Read more


So it’s been awhile since I’ve touched this site — or it had been. I decided yesterday to switch to a new host, and start over from scratch. There’s something … Read more