Party Van

Yeah, we’re doing it. Because that’s how we roll in this household…with kids. We’re swapping out the Kia and still not replacing the Honda Fit. For awhile, we’re going to be a one-car family. I’ll rely on my bike and the bus, both of which work for getting me to downtown Minneapolis.

The Logic

The reasoning behind this is simple — with the amount of room the kids’ seats take up in the rear seats, I can barely sit comfortably in the Kia. My seat is so far forward that my knees touch the dashboard. Additionally, owning the Kia has been a highly underwhelming experience, so it’s getting traded in as part of the deal. We’ll be paying less than the Kia/Fit combo, but a little bit more than what we pay on the Kia now.

The Hoopty

A 2014 Honda Odyssey EXL. Pretty pimptastic. It’ll be the first car I’ve owned since 2001 that wasn’t silver. Weird. It’s loaded with all sorts of stuff and it’s the most-expensive car I’ll have ever owned, but it’s also intended to last us at least a decade.


We pick it up later this week. We’ve got all sorts of stuff going on on Monday and Tuesday after I’m off work, so it’ll probably have to wait until Wednesday for us to pick it up.


Never in a million years thought I’d own a minivan. WTH?

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