Past Bikes: Trek 720 Singlespeed

1983 Trek 720 touring frame (60cm), rebuilt as a singlespeed commuter.

This sucker started life as a bare frame that I bought from Mike Williams in 2005 — based on the serial number and some research over at Vintage Trek, it’s a 60cm Trek 720 from 1983 (ignore the wrong decal on the downtube, which is from about 1985), and I purchased it with the intent of building it up into an around-town commuter.

Ultimately, it was an assembly of inexpensive parts and stuff I just had lying around. It was also the victim of my second-ever attempt at wheelbuilding — a set of Velocity Deep-Vs, laced 32-spoke 3-cross to some Surly hubs.

It was a pretty good ride when all I was doing was short hops around the city — from my place in uptown, to the various agencies I worked at downtown. I, at some point, decided that it deserved a better fate than being a beater, and it was replaced by a 2007 Giant Bowery.

Ultimate Fate: I still have the frame and fork. They’re stripped-down and in a box in the closet in my bike room. Some of the parts moved on to other projects.

Eventual Plan: I’d like to have the frame and fork repainted and done-up with the proper decals, and then rebuild it into an old-school touring bike. Maybe employing that old Shimano 600AX “Arabesque” group I have sitting around. That’s a project for much further down the road, though.

Edit: I opted to sell the frame. Stupid.

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