Past Bikes: Y2K Trek 2300

I bought this Trek 2300 while working for Indian Valley Bikeworks in Harleysville, PA.

Like most of my bikes, this one evolved over time. She began life as a stock Trek 2200 that had a defective frame. Trek, when I filed the warranty claim, sent me a Trek 2300 frame, and by the time I was done making changes to it, it was basically a Trek 2300 anyway.

This bike saw a lot of changes over the course of my ownership. I sold off the old Rolf Vector Comps (crap) that came with the 2200, and used a pair of handbuilt blue-anodized Mavic Open Pros (Ultegra hubs). Later, I added the Mavic Aksiums (also, as it turned out, junk) that you see in the picture above. This bike also laid the groundwork for my change from Look to Shimano SPD-SL pedals.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad bike. It just lacked a personality.

Ultimate Fate: I sold it and used the money to buy a pair of Zipp 404s for my Salsa Campeon.

Image Credits: Dan Bailey/.