Pens. Holy shit, I have a weird thing about pens. I’m very particular about what I write with, and it’s a little strange. Black ink only1, which is a remnant of my military time. They were very particular about that shit. Also, I hate ballpoint pens and gel pens. Give me a decent rollerball pen, or a felt tip. (Also, it’s nice to know that my obession puts me in good company.)

My favorite pen of all time — a Bic rollerball with a rubber grip — was discontinued more than a decade ago. Can’t even remember what the model was anymore, but man, I held out hope for awhile that it’d crop back up or that I’d find some hidden internet cache of them. Ultimately, I gave up and tossed it in the trash a few years ago while preparing for a move across town. Sadface.

So, as I write this, I am suffering from having forgotten my Pilot Precise V5 RT at home. I’m left in an office where my only option is ballpoints. This is what I am reduced to:


Also, I don’t even like the Pilot Precise V5 RT. I hate retractables. I stuff my pen in my front pocket and this piece of shit always leaves me with little black spots on the front of my jeans that’ll never wash out.2

I feel like sometime later this year I should have a rollerball shoot-out to see what is best (similar to the link above) and then buy a pallet of them so I am never screwed by the discontinuation of a model again.

I might be a bit obsessive about this. Hmmm. Anyone else?

(Also, I feel like I should make some sort of joke about Pen Island and their unfortunate domain name, — but that’s probably not a thing anymore.)

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