People Who Inspired Me in 2011

Kate Bailey. She of the wifey-ness! Her take-charge attitude of 2011 was amazing, especially considering that she spent half the year pregnant. We bought a house, moved across town, and began preparing for the arrival of Edwin Cooper Bailey (ship date in Q1 of 2012), and throughout it all, she was on her A-game. Very inspiring and makes me really want to bring my A-game in 2012.

Alex Cook. My compadre, and the owner of A-Train Cycles, who quit his full-time gig to pursue the dream of being a full-time framebuilder. I admire the hell out of him (and might be a little envious as well) for taking the plunge and doing what so many of us dream of.

Mike Tyson. Yes, the former boxer. I’ve been following him on Twitter since I read an article/interview in (I think) the New York Times this past year, and have been pleasantly surprised at how someone could turn their life around so drastically. He’s inspired me to push on to bigger and better things.

Erika Napoletano. The driving force behind RedheadWriting, and a great source of knowledge as I push forward with my own small business. I’ve learned a lot from her articles and think that I might be 50% less likely to execute Operation Footbullet.

Tim Ferriss. The dude behind the 4-Hour Workweek and the 4-Hour Body books. Not because either of them significantly impacted my life in 2011 (though I’m hoping I can use the latter to good effect in 2012), but because it was eye-opening to realize that anything is eligible to be hacked — computers, sure, but when you realize that things like social expectations and structures, or even your body can be hacked, you start looking at the world through new eyes. Lately, thanks to Tim, I’ve been looking for things to optimize in my life (and you can expect to see more info on that in an upcoming post.)

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