Personal Bikes

So, I have a pretty awesome fleet of bikes right now — two Salsas, a Cervelo, and a Pallas Athena. Additionally, I have all the parts from my past Surly Cross-Check and will be hanging them on a second Pallas Athena frame in the near future.

Now that I’m building frames, I have a whole list of custom stuff I want to build for myself, as you’d expect. So here’s what I want to do after the commuter:

1. A track frame. I already have the tubing for this, and a blueprint drawn. I just need to get the thing welded up. The base coat is going to be white powdercoat, and I’ll probably do a color-shift downtube panel on it with the name masked-out so it stays white. I do plan to run HED H3 wheels on it, which I’ll paint in the same color-shift.

2. A road singlespeed. This will be an early-season training tool, but it’ll also be a show-quality bike. I’ve got some funky frame features that I want to include on it, and it’ll be a belt-drive, as well. Multiple top tubes and elevated chainstays, most likely.

3. An around-town beater. A basic, lugged around-town singlespeed. No fancy parts or features. Going to do it up in matte black powdercoat with gloss black decals.

4. A new criterium frame. This would replace my existing Salsa Campeón, and all the parts from it would be moved over to this frame. No idea on colors yet. Probably similar to the existing bike.

5. A new cyclocross frame. This would replace my existing Salsa Las Cruces. All the parts would come over from that. No idea at all on the color scheme. Blue, maybe?