Personal Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog, hasn’t it? Sure has. I haven’t forgotten about it. I have been hard at work with job hunting and managing the interaction between the new kid, Sam (pictured above), and Eddy, the toddler, who is finally accepting that he has a younger brother.

The Job Hunt

Obviously, it’s still ongoing. Things slowed down around the holidays, as people weren’t in the office. It’s full swing again, and I’m plowing ahead with putting apps in all over the country (and even outside the country). Today, I’m going to sit down and re-do my résumé, gunning for a shorter, more succinct document. The goal for today is ten applications out with the new doc, and do some more work on sharpening my coding skills (not necessary for the line of work I’m after, but useful).

The Bike

I’m sending my postcard today for the Almanzo 100, a hundred-mile all-gravel road race that takes place on May 17th. I’ve signed up twice before — the first time, I had to abandon due to mechanical mishaps, after about 35 miles of racing. The second time, I didn’t start, as the weather radically differed from the forecast and I was without any warm clothing. This year will be different. Packing everything and the kitchen sink. Even selling my Cervelo P2C in order to cover the costs of building up a new CX frame for myself.

For training, I’m going to move the road bike and stationary trainer into the house today. I’ll be combining a lot of stationary work with a kettlebell, a medicine ball, and some good old-fasioned body weight exercises (push-ups, crunches, squats) in order to get ready for a fairly full season.

My race intentions this year are to do a few road events, possibly try my hand at the velodrome, and then to race a season of cyclocross.


It’s coming along fairly well. The book on email marketing is coming along quite nicely, and I am hoping to have it wrapped up and published by the end of March. On the fiction side, well, I continue to pick at the science fiction novel like a scab: a little bit here and there off the edges, without actually getting to the meat. What I should do is shelve it until the email book is done.


Things are okay. While my unemployment has run out, we’re still okay financially. We’ve got several months before we have to start sweating horribly. The family’s good, I’m better now than I have been mentally in some time. Life rocks.

What’s new with you?