Please Adopt Max

The magnificent beast you see in the picture above is Max, the youngest of our cats, who is in need of a new home.

Max is a great cat and we love him very much, but several factors have contributed to us needing to find him a new home.

The good: He gets along fine with other cats, but probably would do best as one of a pair. He’s okay with dogs and seems fairly ambivalent about them. He likes kids a great deal, and we’ve never worried about him interacting with our toddler-aged kid. He’s very affectionate, and loves lap time.

The bad: Max has some health issues — he’s very overweight, and has some food anxiety issues, meaning he’ll bolt down whatever food is available. Currently he’s 23+ pounds. He also has some issues with bladder crystals and will need fresh water available constantly and urinary health cat food for his meals. You’ll need to play with him (laser pointers are a favorite) on a regular basis. Max does not do well in highly stressful situations and will let you know it by peeing, so if you have a party house or anything like that, it’s best if you not respond to this ad.

Wherever Max ends up, he needs to be an indoor-only cat. He hasn’t been outside before, and at his age (about 5), he wouldn’t be able to adapt and would quickly fall prey to predators or a vehicle.

He has all his claws, and is very well-trained when it comes to using a scratching post.

Fundamentally he’s a great cat — he’s just some typical cat neuroses and some minor health issues.

He doesn’t like being lonely, so if you travel a lot, that’s probably not a good match.

We love him, but we also want what’s best for him. He needs space to lounge and show off his amazing girth, where the environment is stable and his new owners can give him the time and care that he needs.

He needs a human who will give him a good forever home.

If you think that Max would make a good addition to your home, please contact me.

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