Post-Xmas Quick Items

1. I have built a lot of LEGO in the last few days. Eddy scored Benny’s Spaceship (featured in the above image), which is almost 1000 pieces of classic Space theme fun. We started on Christmas Day and finished on the 26th, and he loves the thing. We also built his snowplow kit, and he’s got one more still in the box…and one more coming from his uncle Paul today. He’s gonna plotz when he finds out that he got his own Hulkbuster set — the kid loves him some Iron Man.

2. Star Wars was all that I hoped it could be. I think it makes up for the J.J. Abrams’s crime that was LOST. It also had enough open holes to create a ton of speculation and theory-manufacturing before Episode 8 hits in 2017. I’m incredibly glad I avoided any spoilers, too, and only saw what was in the movie’s trailers. (Note to George Lucas: this is how you make a Star Wars movie.)

3. Put some more moneys toward the fatbike. Because yes please. Soon. ASAP, even. Need to get out there and ride like fuck with all my friends that are also acquiring fatbikes this year. And y’know, not freeze to death in the process.

4. Footballs! Holy crap, as I write this, I’ve basically won my fantasy league. I entered the playoffs as the #7 seed (5-8 regular season), and got to the championship game tonight. I’m currently up by 7 points and have Stefon Diggs and Adrian Peterson in the late game — and my opponent is already done for the day. Speaking of Vikings, I have some speculation as to what’s going to happen during the offseason, but that’s a subject for a much longer post. After the season is over.