Productive Weekend

Holy cow, what a weekend. Crazy busy, and I’m exhausted — so much so that I decided to forego any notion of riding to work today (which is on track to be the hottest day of the year so far). Saturday was pretty alright, mostly it was just hanging out with the boys while Kate went to the Savage house and started prepping for the arrival of the movers (today), and started reading Total Money Makeover. Sunday, however, was much busier:

  • got up early, cycled a load of dishes through the dishwasher
  • mowed the Half Acre o’ Doom, pausing briefly to go to the gas station for more gas
  • went to the Savage house with Kate to finish packing up our stuff in the garage
  • made a Target run
  • went and had dinner with Kate — Mexican food and lots of booze
  • went home and hung out with the kids before putting them to bed
  • cleaned and organized the garage for incipient arrival of more stuff from Savage house
  • unloaded the party van
  • tapped out 1000 words of fiction on an iPad Mini
  • read some more

I love busy Sundays for some reason.

The movers are getting the last of our garage contents and our staging furniture today, and bringing it to the Chaska house, where we’re already stuffed to the gills. Oy vey. Massive garage sale sometime in August.