Projects for 2015

So I’ve been putting together a laundry list of things that I want to accomplish in 2015. I’m trying not to get too out-of-control with it, however. I don’t want to completely overwhelm myself from day one or anything like that.

Smaller Projects

  • get all my WordPress sites glommed together into a multisite setup
    Canceled because it’s a gigantic pain in the ass.
  • design/build new template for the DB.N website (already underway)
    canceled due to being happy with the Twenty Fifteen theme, which I’ll modify over time
  • finish my short book on email marketing (already underway)
  • take my “In the Name of Love” short story from tenuous concept and false starts to a finished draft and submit to magazines
  • convert Linux box to router/file/print server
    Partially cancelled. No need for a file/print server, as we now have a wireless laser printer in the house and Dropbox for files. Just ordered a DD-WRT compatible router to replace the dying Apple Airport Extreme.
  • get an offsite backup plan in place
    went with Crashplan, backups for the Mac are underway, need to get Kate’s laptop on the system, too

Medium Projects

  • build myself a steel CX/gravel crusher frameset
    making series headway — updates here
  • set up a niche affiliate/adsense site
    my first one is up and it’s generating a small, er, microscopic amount of revenue; plan to engage in more of this over the year
  • hone my fillet and silver brazing skills
  • get all my domain names consolidated under Google Domains (once my invite finally goes through)
    this is underway, and I’m transferring them as they come due for renewal…next one is in mid-June
  • TBD
  • TBD

Big Fucking Project

  • finish my fiction novel