Queuing Up for the Weekend

So the housekeeper is attacking our place right now. It still feels really weird to say that, just for the record. I have a housekeeper. WTF? It’ll be nice to come home to a clean place.

After I leave the office, I’ve got a whole slew of things to do. First, I need to stop at Value Village to donate three bags of clothes (part of the Great Clothing Purge of 2011). The next stop will be to pick up a pair of oxy-acetylene tanks for my workshop. Then a haircut. Then Petsmart for cat litter, cat food, and litterbox deodorizer.

Once I get home, I need to make an orders from:

  • Nova
  • Henry James
  • Paragon
  • WeldingSupply.com

Might hit up Northern Brewer and start getting the stuff to make my own beer.

Tonight, we’ve got a dinner with Kate’s friend Jay and his girlfriend, both of whom I’ll be meeting for the first time.

Saturday: bike shop, then the in-laws’.

Sunday: workshop.