Quick Hits

1. Bike stuff is going so-so. Framebuilding class is awesome. Pre-season training has been spotty. Going to get back at that tonight.

2. Writing exercises are going okay, I suppose. A few per week seems reasonable, and I’m still plugging away at #3, which has really weird POV issues.

3. I’ll be posting some more stuff re: my professional life here — specifically ideas and insights surrounding interactive marketing. My first piece is about email marketing, and has been in-progress for a few days now.

4. I’ve got a new geek project that has a very original temporary name — Project X. It’s a whole new way to socially network. I’m laying out the framework in Rails, and may have to find some people who understand the large-scale stuff better than I do to join me in this endeavor. I hope to have a basic, working site in a month or so.

5. Been thinking about the Fontosaurus site some more. New template? New payment processing engine? New business model? Yes to all.

1 thought on “Quick Hits”

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