Quick Weekend Recap

1. BB King at the State Theatre. Oof. I think I just bore witness to one of his last live shows. And it was tough to watch, given that I’d seen him twice before and he was friggin’ amazing each time. I was sad to see Friday’s show — less energy than in the past, and it was evident. I love the guy and have the utmost respect for him as a performer and a human being, so it was really tough to watch.

2. The Avengers. Holy crap, that was worth the money. I don’t say that about a lot of movies these days, but the Avengers? Time and money well spent. Action-packed, funny, and altogether a good time. Best end-of-the-credits scene yet. Would love to see it again.

3. Workshop/Bike Building Time. Great progress, great use of time.

4. House. Cleaned like mad, have a bunch of new downspouts installed. Tonight: mowing, maybe weedwhacking, planting some grass seed.

5. Bike. Rode Murphy-Hanrehan for a bit.