Rambly Bits

  • I started thinking about all the bad shit that’s gone on in my life — not stuff that happened to me, personally. This is more the shit that went on around me, stuff that happened to all of us. I started making a list, broken down by year. While I was making this list, I also realized that a lot of seriously awesome stuff has happened during that time as well. So I’m building that list two. I’ll publish them on concurrent days, but it’s going to be awhile — a lot has happened in my 37 1/2 years.
  • All sorts of neat technology goings-on lately, too. The iPad, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, is creating quite the stir in the tech/geek circles. I’m writing my own take on that for this blog. Google Docs has added a Visio-equivalent, which is good. I’m hoping for a project management tool to be added in there somewhere, as well. Not that I am a full-time project manager anymore, but it would be useful for other things.
  • I’m starting to wonder if I don’t have Lyme Disease. It would explain a lot of the symptoms — the fatigue, the tingling in the hands, the progressively worse left anterior fasicular block, the joint pain, etc. Maybe I should get that looked at, huh?

2 thoughts on “Rambly Bits”

  1. Yes, you should get that Lyme looked at. NOW. RIGHT F’ING NOW. You don’t want Kate to be a widow before she’s married, do you?

    As for the rest of your post – check out the We-Pad over in Germany. Very similar to an i-pad, but with more utility and two USB ports. http://wepad.mobi/en

    • No kidding. Going to be doing that. Soon.

      As for the WePad — 1.) it’s vaporware, 2.) I don’t want Linux (or Win or Mac OS X) on a tablet, 3.) I don’t care about expandability. Anyone who thinks that these are important is missing the whole point of the iPad.

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