Random Things

1. You may (or may not) have noticed that this site was suspended — along with my others. A2 Hosting claims that one of them was hacked, but couldn’t tell me which one or the symptoms. They re-instated me around 6:30 this morning (not long after I discovered it), and I’ve spent the last hour or so digging around for evidence of such. There is none, of course. Went through and updated my software, just to be safe, and will be locking-down Bike612 a little more tightly.

2. Doctor’s visit yesterday went well. I went in there to establish care, as I haven’t had a “regular” doctor since before high school. Talked about a lot of the symptoms I’ve been dealing with — the fatigue, joint pain, etc. — and are running a whole battery of tests, including a Lyme disease screening. I should know more by the middle of the week.

3. No framebuilding last night, as Paul had something going in the garage that produced a ton of nasty fumes. No worries. There’s always tomorrow.

4. The WRX goes back to a dealership on Monday morning so that I can finally nail down where the fuck it’s leaking coolant from. The repairs done in Chicago kept the radiator lines in-place and replaced the thermostat, but did fuck all nothing to stop the burning coolant smell.