• Last night’s batch of piroshki turned out great. Did bring some leftovers for lunch. Did not bring the recipe to transcribe. You’ll have to wait, dammit.
  • Dammit, I want an iPad (WiFi/3G, 64GB). And dammit, I cannot afford one for the foreseeable future. I have frames that are going to need to go to paint soon, plus my team kit to pay for (and I still have no idea how that’s going to happen).
  • Made the mistake of wearing a red dress shirt to Target yesterday. I was accosted three times with questions. Why no, I don’t work here. No, I don’t know where the egg coloring kits are. No, I won’t help you find them. Talk to an employee. Yes, I know I’m wearing a red shirt. Did you get the memo about Target not having a trademark on the color red? Yes, yes I am an asshole. Have a nice day.
  • Short Friday again — god I love being unable to work overtime and having a workload that demands 9+ hour days. This results in me having some time to get on the bike Friday after the main job, but before my shift at the bike shop. Double-plus awesome.
  • Missing Mooch something fierce today. Think that it might finally be time to get the memorial tattoo done. Having some of her ashes mixed into the ink.
  • Why didn’t 2001: A Space Odyssey have action figures? I’d totally go for the Monolith action figure and the Pre-historic African Savannah playset.
  • Speaking of the savannah, I heard a nutty idea about establishing a cheetah population in Yellowstone as a way to control the insane overpopulation of deer (which are damaging the forests) and to provide for a safe environment to help the species’ numbers recover. The more I dwell on the idea, the more I like it, particularly because cheetahs aren’t man-eaters. In fact, I think it might not be a bad idea to introduce some endangered species to new locations in the world that are currently very-lightly populated. Siberian tigers, for example, might do well in far northwestern Canada and parts of Alaska. Bear in mind, I’m only halfway serious — I do realize the impact that new species can have on an ecosystem. See also: rabbits nearly wiping out Australia, and domestic housecats being a holocaust where Hawaiian bird species are concerned.

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  1. I came here from your link at the IBKC. Your post about Mooch’s goodbye is so beautiful. You’re so young, and just beginning to learn about this kind of loss. I’ve been through it so many times, and I think in some ways it actually does get easier, especially when you go through it with an old person (my father died 17 days after Mooch did). I had been alone with my dad for the 6 years since we kissed my mother goodbye and I found myself whispering the same words to him that I had to my mother, that I had to the precious old pets, “You’re so good. You’re so beautiful. Thank you. I love you”. It hurt so much, but I rejoice for all of them!
    I’ll visit your blog from now on!

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