Whenever I have long gaps in my posts here, I feel the need to start posting spew about what’s going. Think of it as long-form Twitter, with less snark and far fewer retweets.


nova-tapered-head-tubeRiding got curtailed again this weekend due to illness and a flare-up of the lower back issues. I did, however, spend a lot of time thinking about a couple of things for the off-season: training, and possibly taking a crack at a new lugged road frame for myself. For the former, I’m going to be focusing (for now) on just getting base miles in and starting to hit the weights as I rehab my back. As for the new frame, it’s going to be…interesting. Going to mix some of the features of a classic Euro lugged frame with touches of modern — including disc brakes, sliding dropouts, and a tapered head tube. Classically, though — lugs, neutral geometry, capped seatstays, etc. I’ll detail more of the interesting parts about that project, in my September Hacks post (which I should really start drafting), but for now, you can puzzle over the picture attached to this section (click the thumbnail to embiggen).


Yeah, I’m still putzing around with this stuff. It’s great post-therapy head-clearing, and certainly more healthy than drinking booze. I added a section to this site under the Geek menu, because WTH. Might as well share some of the stuff I’m doing with that. The plan is to just share LXF files that I put together, so if you’re inclined to order parts/build your own copy, you can.


New siding has taken priority over a new kitchen. Sads. Looks like it’s going to be JamesHardie which should be woodpecker proof. Thank fuck.


My fantasy team is 2-1, and had an amazing day on Sunday. Got one guy left to play on Monday night, but already have it locked up. The Vikings are somehow 3-0, even while being decimated by injuries. If we had an offensive line worth mentioning, we’d be SCARY this year. FiveThirtyEight currently has us ranked 3rd overall, which is nice.