Reading Blitz

So I’ve been tearing through my reading list the past few months, putting the kibosh on buying new books and focusing on the ones I’ve purchased in the past and not yet read.

Right now, I’m reading Eragon, which people apparently loved. I remember the ranting about how it was amazing that a 15-year old wrote the book. You know what? It reads like a 15-year old wrote the book. And it feels like I’m reading every knock-off of Tolkien all rolled into one. I’ve got the sequel floating around, too, and will probably read it anyway, to see if the author learned anything from writing his first book.

I’ve got a few other things coming into the queue, despite my plans to remain mostly new-book-celibate. For my birthday, my future in-laws gave me a $30 gift certificate for Amazon, which got me an English translation of a Japanese book on the history of bicycle components, and MAKE Volume 20. Also, as they’re limited in availability, I spent some cash on Scalzi’s The God Engines and Judge Sn Goes Golfing. Those should all be here relatively soon. (Amazon stuff today, the stuff from Subterranean Press — who knows?)

And I still really need to re-read Stephenson’s System of the World trilogy. I plowed through the first two books, then faltered on the third. Having no clear memory of the first two demands that I re-read before hitting the third. I hate it when that happens*

And of course, paperback editions of books from the Emberverse series and Safehold series are both forthcoming.


* This is probably why I am done with George R.R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series — it’s so long between books that I barely remember the events, and they’re too long to go through and re-read at length to prepare for the newest book, which keeps getting pushed back.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I read System of the World without reading The Confusion (though I did read Quicksilver) and I wasn’t confused at all. The three seem to exists semi-independently. Maybe read the summaries of the first two on Wikipedia to refresh your brain then tackle SotW? Good luck!

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