It’s Tuesday, so most of my memories of the weekend have started to fade. Here’s the recap without delving into too much detail:


  • Got to hang out with Dave for a bit at a focus group thing he was doing.
  • Met @bibliogrrl and visited Psycho Suzi’s for the first time.
  • Picked Josh up at the airport.
  • Went out and had a few drinks.


  • Cheesesteak for lunch.
  • Bachelor party with Josh, Dave, Nels, and Bob. Exceptional. See also: Fogo de Chao, beer, boobies.
  • Employer paid for a round of booze. (Thanks, Brendon!)


  • Woke up early, only the mildest of hangovers.
  • Cured hangover with McDonald’s breakfast.
  • Went up to Princeton with Josh. Worked on fork for James.
  • Sent pics of fork to James. James happy. That’s good.
  • Came home.
  • Cat nap.
  • Kate came home, earlier than planned.
  • Took Josh to airport.

Days remaining until wedding: 19.