Revelations from the Bike Swap

Here in Minneapolis on Sunday, we had the annual “bike swap” at the velodrome. I went, of course, and was looking for one of two things, primarily — an inexpensive track frame, or an inexpensive singlespeed 29’er frame. Neither really happened.

The only track frame I was able to locate in my size was a Bianchi Pista Concept with a fairly dented top tube, and I wasn’t really willing to risk a damaged aluminum frame. I did also spot a Redline Monocog frame for a 29’er, in my size…only it was $200 and the color was painfully hideous.

The end result was that I left with my full complement of cash and put it back into the bank account. I did see a few things that I was interested in, but they were either overpriced, or common sense dictated that I didn’t really need them.

You heard right: [quote]common sense dictated that I didn’t need some parts/accessories.[/quote]

Whether this is because my bike room is small and I already have a ton of crap, or because I am getting better with money, I don’t know. It’s probably both. The end result was that I left empty-handed and felt pretty good about it. The only costs? Gas and the $5 entry fee.

Next year, I think I’ll buy a table at the show and use it to sell a large portion of the unused stuff I have lying around. Might be able to finally offload that stupid BMX frame and some of the other stuff that’s taking up space.