Review: Pedro’s Vise Whip

It’s not often that I see a bike tool that makes me salivate, and really I can’t remember the last innovative idea I’ve seen in bike tools. Sure, there’s new items every year from Park and other companies to accommodate the various new foo-foo standards — and these days that’s mostly around the plethora of bottom bracket styles. My first thought upon encountering the Pedro’s Vise Whip was, “Holy crap! Why didn’t someone think of this twenty years ago?”

What Is It?
The Vise Whip looks like a normal set of vise grips at first glance. A look at the jaws, however, will show you that something’s amiss. What you have is a classic tool that’s been modified to replace a cumbersome and annoying tool called a “chain whip” (example: Park’s SR-1) — in which you wrap a length of chain around the cassette to keep it from spinning while you use another tool to loosen the lockring.


The problem with the chain whip solution is that you frequently will have issues with the chain portion slipping, and it’s a nightmare to loosen track cogs, which are frequently tight enough to require a cheater bar to leverage off. The Pedro’s Vise Whip solves this problem neatly, by slotting the jaws of the tool to allow accommodate a gear, while providing two pegs that will fall in between the gear teeth, neatly securing the cassette or track cog. Lock it in-place, hold the grips while you turn the lockring, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

MSRP: $70.
Pros: neatly solves the annoying process of removing a cassette lockring
Cons: cost, doesn’t work with 1/8″ cogs
Verdict: a god-send in the bike shop; a nice touch for the home mechanic