Rough Roads, Rough Morning

Yeah, so I drove the time trial course last night, as planned, and holy crap. There are parts that are fine, but there are parts that look like the Arenburg pavé. Since it was dark when I drove it, I want to ride it on a bike before racing it. I’ll probably head over there on Saturday to recon the course and get an idea of where the truly shitty parts are.

This morning was equally rough. I got partway to work, realized I’d forgotten my phone, and while I was rubbing my face and thinking about where I’d left it, I realized that I’d forgotten to shave.

At least I slept well last night.

And I did pick up the Peugeot last night, too. Right now, I’m leaning toward parting it out and using the frame/fork as the basis for a cheap singlespeed. Going to throw it in the basement for now and U-lock it while I decide what to do about it.