Sarah Palin

I call her the “warhamster” — she’s got the voice of a rodent and is a warmongering shithead. So “warhamster” seems to work.

This snotty little bitch derided Barack Obama for being a community organizer. There is an awesome retort on Time’s Swampland blog.

And there’s more over at Making Light.

Really, I’m just annoyed as fuck about the excited crowing of the local Republicans. They can’t even see past their own stupid allegiances and realize that voting for a McCain-Palin ticket is basically giving BushCo another four years, and that Palin, while she might be physically attractive, has all the hallmarks of douchebaggery that the guy in office currently has.

Seriously. The first Republican that starts talking smack to me is getting punched in the face. (Granted, I may only be taking that action in Imaginationland, but there will be teeth and blood everywhere. Everywhere, I tell you.)

1 thought on “Sarah Palin”

  1. I just wanted to see where you park your politics and it appears that you park them right next to your heart & not some rich man’s wallet. Where a person rests on the Palin-rectomometer tells much about the depths to which they are willing to be in denial. The moral: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It was time to shed the shame, along with the fools. McCain/Palin would have been more of the fools. “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss” as the Who song goes.

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