The pace at which I update this site has dropped drastically in the past few months. Partly that’s because I have been trying to stick to my guns about “fewer posts, better content” and partly because I’ve had a lot going on. So I feel like I should blather about something, and given that I haven’t updated in awhile, it seems like an opportunity.

Rather than talk about family (fine), or job (okay), I’m just going to talk about various topics in-brief, since I haven’t really written anything about them other than my usual 140-character bits on Twitter.


Not much to say here, except:


Gun Control

Still very firmly in the “can we control this shit please?” camp. I’ve started a few longer pieces on the topic, but have found myself largely writing emotionally-charged drivel or, when not doing that, saying the same things other people have said in the past. I believe that the process of getting firearms under control is going to require the following:

  • getting at least a certain percentage of guns off the street (buybacks?)
  • defining assault rifles as any rifle that is semiautomatic, and then banning them
  • indemnifying gun owners — make them carry liability insurance
  • requiring background checks for person-to-person sales
  • ban on purchases of anyone on a government watchlist
  • cultural engineering


I’m about 15 books behind schedule for my goal for the year. Thus, I’ve shifted to reading a lot more fluff — science fiction and other, lighter fare — and cutting way back on the iPad gaming. I’m hoping I can rally. I’ve got a trio of more serious books that I’m anywhere from 30% to 70% through that I really need to start picking at so that I can get back in it.

Also, I really should get around to posting my 2015 reading analysis.


Not much to say here. I’ve barely ridden at all this year. Maybe 200-250 miles total. Not at all what I wanted, but with the way this year has gone, it’s not surprising, either.

What About You?

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