To paraphrase Harry Doyle, in case you haven’t noticed, and judging by my site traffic, you haven’t, there hasn’t been a lot of activity on the blog lately. I’ve been doing my scribblings elsewhere. Mostly for therapeutic reasons. These are screeds that get hammered out in a storm of emotions, and then deleted. And then revisited again and again as the mood strikes (usually as the aftermath of a particularly intense therapy session). What I’ve been writing there isn’t fit for public consumption — whether due to subject matter or the particularly poor quality of the writing.

As I’ve gotten to the point where I am letting go of some of the issues of my past and learning to better express myself in the moment when I’m upset or angry or sad, I find myself needing to write those pieces less and less and feel like I can start talking about things here again.

Write Less, Say More

As I move forward with this blog, I’d like to write fewer personal posts, but to make them more meaningful. To that end, I still plan to do some “fluff” pieces — I’ll continue with my monthly Hacks update, and will probably add book reviews as I continue to plow through stuff. I’m going to try to limit my output on those, too — part of the goal is to talk less about what I want to do and more about what I’ve accomplished. I think that’s an important part of my self-improvement process.

Time Management

This also helps with the management of my day-to-day life. I’m burning the candle at both ends — starting an agency, improving myself, repairing my family, writing a book, riding my bike, etc. I simply don’t have time to be spewing out a nonsensical blog post on a daily basis anymore.

One of the things I’m going through and doing is looking at the fifty-some posts I have on here in draft mode and trying to decide whether they’re worth completing. I already went through the initial list (like a velociraptor through a pre-school) and culled 75% of the herd, but these last 50 or so require some consideration before I nuke them. There’s some gems in there.

Whatever the case, I need to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Do More, Do Different

We are what we do. What we do is largely driven by habit. It’s time to change up those habits and make myself a better me. This is part of that. Dietary considerations are part of that. Exercising more is part of that. Living with intent is part of that.

It’s time to get going.

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